Relevant key performance indicators for decision making – dashboards


Problem Most SMEs do not have structured information with relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dashboards to their tactical and strategic decision making process. For example, in a particular company, there were no up to date specific data to allow its salespeople performance improvement, since it was not only the sales results that were important to measure. Thus, there was …

Rentabilidade por rota

Increased profitability per route


Problem A small commercial company has difficulty knowing its gross margin on each route made by its salespeople. In fact, there were routes with unknown profitability, which could be generating losses to the company, as the objective is to achieve an increased profitability per route. In addition, the company intends to create an incentive scheme for sellers, but does not …

Cálculo importação

Immediate calculation of the unit cost of imported products


Problem A trading company regularly imports Far Eastern products. When orders arrive, the company has to calculate the actual cost of the products, including packaging and labels. In order to do the calculation of the unit cost it is necessary to make the foreign currency exchange, to consider the expenses of the transport, the bank expenses, the expenses with freight …

Comunicações eficientes

Communicate efficiently and without loss of information


Problem An accounting firm has a serious problem to communicate efficiently: post-it notes are constantly scrawled, but they pile up on people’s secretaries and they are often lost or not known who put them. Therefore, there is a lot of communication that does not take place, which causes delays in resolving issues and sometimes certain services fail. This has implications …

Impressão em série

100 contracts in one click


Problem A training company has the arduous task of making numerous contracts with trainers and trainees every month, but they don’t use the mail merge feature of MS Word. At the peak of a training project, this activity involves the use of a full-time administrative employee! Solution In fact, the process can be automated. All the data of the trainees …

Scripts outlook

Automated response to client emails


Problem A small business receives every day requests for budget proposals. The entrepreneur’s estimate was about 500 requests per year. Given the difficulty in responding to all budget proposals requests in a timely manner, since there is no automated response to emails, the company hired a person just to perform this task! As each process originates several email submissions and …

Conversão de áreas

Immediate conversion of area units and linear meters of raw materials


Problem A commercial company imports raw material from suppliers based in diverse geographies. Manufacturers use measures of area and length outside the metric system, such as feet, square feet, yards, and square yards. In order for the company to know exactly the quantity (in area or linear length) of the raw material it needs for an order, it was necessary …

Gestão comercial

Commercial information to support decision making


Problem A small commercial company that sells to more than 300 customer stores throughout the country had difficulty managing customers, namely having access to sales history and knowing which customers should be visited at the time, what business conditions were possible to offer and what results they were getting. This lack of information generated many visits to unnecessary customers and …

Conciliação bancária

Faster bank reconciliation


Problem A small building materials company prepares the accounting process internally and every month compares the statements from the accounting with the bank statements to confirm and validate all movements, which is called the bank reconciliation process. This process takes about a day a month and is susceptible to errors due to the need to check hundreds of movements. Solution …

Cálculo transporte

4x more productivity in the billing process


Problem A small transport company needs to bill customers every month for the many hundreds of shipments that have been made. Although there is a computer program, it does not make the necessary calculations and only lists the shipments. The process is manual and involves making calculations of pickup places, destinations, type of service, weights, volumes, among others, which took …