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Knowing that teamwork is increasingly important for the competitiveness of organizations, it is necessary for entrepreneurs and business managers to define efficient processes of collaboration between the various participants in tasks and projects. If they do not, it is very easy for information to be dispersed and difficult to access, which reduces the productivity and capacity of the organization to generate innovation from sharing among employees.

That’s why we bring you information about an excellent Task and Project Management tool, Bitrix24. This tool is perfect to manage tasks and projects collaboratively and is free for up to 12 employees, which is great news for micro and small businesses. Here are some of the main features of the free version:

  • Assignment of tasks to collaborators and management of task evolution using a Gantt chart.
  • Tasks dependent on other tasks.
  • Agile task management with Kanban view.
  • Management of the workload of employees.
  • Display progress status of tasks.
  • Checklist tasks.
  • Task templates and task automation.
  • Working groups.
  • Task reports.
  • Collaboration with external users.
  • And much more.

The tool is accessed via web, but there is also a desktop application that automatically synchronizes all the information. This means that users can access from any computer at any time, which allows access even outside of the organization’s normal working hours.

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