How many passwords do you have to memorize?

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Have you found yourself trying to remember the login details of that site where you registered a while ago? How many passwords do you have to memorize? Have you seen how many different login details we have to memorize, or save somewhere, so that we can access the websites that are useful to us every day? Yes, whenever we have to access our personal area on any website we are faced with the need to obtain access credentials. Some people always use the same login data and others keep it on their own computer, which represents a serious security risk.

Besides, have you thought about how much time we spend every month looking for and entering login details in the tens or hundreds of times we need to access one of our online accounts? It will be a very long time, if we consider that our life is increasingly using online services.

But there are simple and safe solutions. The only thing you need is to remember only one password and no more. Online login credentials management applications allow you to log in to any website without having to enter your credentials. How is this possible? Simply by storing your encrypted login data on your computer’s disk and automatically uploading it whenever you enter one of the websites where you are registered.

One of these tools is LastPass, which memorizes all of your access credentials per se, so you can concentrate and spend more time on the things that really matter. This is also productivity.

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