Excel tip – AutoFill

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Whenever there is a need to fill a long series of data, instead of entering data manually into a spreadsheet, you can use the excel tip AutoFill feature to populate cells with data that follows a pattern or is based on data in other cells.

For example, imagine that you need to create a field with numbers from 1 to 1,000. How long would it take to manually enter all these digits? Maybe half an hour. The good news is you can do it in a few seconds.


Step 1 – Fill in the value 1 in A1 cell
Step 2 – Fill in the value 2 A2 cell
Step 3 – Select both cells (A1 e A2)
Step 4 – Drag down until reaching the value 1,000

That’s it. You see, from half an hour to a few seconds: a time savings of over 90%!

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